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These websites provide some very useful learning resources:

1. Oxford University Press – Learning Resources Bank (online exercises for students)

New Headway – Beginner

New Headway – Elementary

New Headway – Pre-intermediate</>

New Headway – Intermediate

New Headway – Upper Intermediate

Headway Online

2. Trinity College London

Some useful things you can do on the Trinity website:

a) Find a past exam paper at your level, print it off and have a go. You can find past Reading and Writing exam papers if you click on the link to your level in the left-hand menu on the Trinity website page. Try to complete the practice paper in the time allowed and try not to use a dictionary. When you have finished, give it to your teacher to mark

b) Watch videos of students taking the Speaking and Listening exams. Click on the same link to your level and scroll down to the videos

c) Get an idea of what your exam will involve and the timings. You will find the exam specifications and the syllabus at the top of the page on your level

d) Click on your level and take a look at the syllabus. Maybe print it off and keep it in your folder

Here are some useful learning materials, which you can download or view online (on most browsers):


Verbs – present and past simple:

1. ‘To be’ – present simple active (word document)

2. ‘To have’ – present simple active (word document)

3. ‘To begin’ – present simple active (word document)

4. ‘To work’ – present simple active (word document)

5. ‘To work’ – past simple active (word document)

6. Present simple conjugation (word document)

7. Past simple completion exercise (word document)

8. Present simple & past simple – revision exercise (word document)

9. Present simple – gap fill (word document)

Verbs – continuous and perfect tenses:

1. Present continuous & past continuous (word document)

2. ‘To work’ – present perfect active (word document)

3. ‘To finish’ – past perfect active (word document)

4. Present perfect continuous (word document)

5. ‘To work – present continuous active (word document)

Modals, sentence structure and pronouns (plus a verbs template for you to conjugate your own):

1. Verbs – must, have to, had to (word document)

2. Verbs – should (word document)

3. Verbs – should (word document)

4. Compound & complex sentences (word document)

5. Compound & complex sentences, with prompts (word document)

6. Possessive adjectives & possessive pronouns (word document)

7. Personal pronouns, possessive pronouns & possessive adjectives (word document)

8. Relative pronouns (word document)

9. Verbs template (word document)

Future & passive tenses:

1. Present, past & future verb tenses (word document)

2. Passive voice (word document)

If you can suggest any resources that you think other students would find useful, please let us know!

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