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Classes & Costs

Private Tuition

Tuition is available in person and online

Prices on request – email jenniemechti@gmail.com

Courses for Businesses and Organisations

Prices on request – email jenniemechti@gmail.com

Group ESOL Classes in the Community

Private students pay £210 per term, £630 per annum (to be reviewed each September), payable termly by bank transfer in advance. Students are taught in mixed groups by a qualified, experienced Tutor, who is supported by Learning Support Assistants, who are generally retired senior teachers. Where possible, students have access to two classes per week, with additional work from books and online set each week as homework.

Refugees may be able to access classes either free-of-charge or at 50% of the normal fees courtesy of our donors.

Private students may need to pay for their own course books and workbooks, and provide suitable stationery.

We may be able to provide an evening class for those who work full-time.

For details of current classes in Lichfield or to
request a new class, email jenniemechti@gmail.com

A note on levels

Beginners = Step 1 and Step 2
Lower Intermediate = Entry 1 and Entry 2
Upper Intermediate = Entry 3
Advanced = Level 1 and Level 2

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